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Are you a homeowner, architect, or builder seeking to restore the beauty and integrity of your brickwork?

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At Bingham Brick and Stone Repointing Specialist, we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive service, whether we are dealing with historic homes or more contemporary buildings, we aim to bring your brickwork back to life.

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Brilliant job by a fantastic team

We had a brilliant job completed by Paul and his team of hard workers. When plan A didn’t work, Paul came up with plan B, which was brilliant and we’re very happy with the result. Quick, efficient, always on time, committed and a great job done. Paul arranged the skip and no mess left behind. Would highly recommend and have already booked him again for later this year for another project. Very happy customers 🙂

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Great communication throughout & we're really happy with the work.

Paul was great, waited until the weather would allow a good job then was straight on it. Great communication throughout & we’re really happy with the work.

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About Bingham Brick and Stone Repointing Specialists


Bingham Brick and Stone Specialists, based in Bingham, east of Nottingham, was founded by Paul Wood.

With 18 years of experience in brick and stone repointing, Paul leads a growing, hand-picked team boasting over 30 years of collective expertise.

The team are comfortable with all repointing work and welcome discussions about your project, ensuring the best job to breathe life into your brick or stonework.

All brick repointing work is carried out with;
Full Insurance
Dust Extraction

Repointing Brick and Stone


Repairs to brick and stone, an essential upkeep for masonry structures, involve removing and replacing worn or damaged mortar joints. Over time, weather exposure can lead to mortar deterioration, posing a threat to structural integrity. Repointing tackles these concerns by delicately replacing old mortar, filling gaps with fresh material, thereby improving strength, stability, and overall appearance. This detailed restoration not only safeguards structures but also guarantees their long-term durability and aesthetic appeal.

What’s the difference between stone and brick repointing

Stone repointing and brick repointing share similarities, yet there are key differences due to distinct characteristics:

Material Composition:

  • Brick Repointing: Involves the restoration of mortar joints between bricks.
  • Stone Repointing: Focuses on repairing and renewing mortar joints between individual stones.

Mortar Types:

  • Brick Repointing: Typically uses mortar tailored to match the original composition.
  • Stone Repointing: Requires specialized mortar for specific stone types.

Aesthetic Considerations:

  • Brick Repointing: Focuses on maintaining uniformity.
  • Stone Repointing: Necessitates a nuanced approach to preserve unique stone characteristics.

Structural Challenges:

  • Brick Repointing: Generally less complex due to consistent brick support.
  • Stone Repointing: May involve additional structural considerations.

Weathering Impact:

  • Brick Repointing: Mortar deterioration influenced by climate, less prone to weathering.
  • Stone Repointing: Stone surfaces more susceptible, requiring careful restoration.

Cost Factors:

  • Brick Repointing: Costs vary but generally predictable due to brickwork uniformity.
  • Stone Repointing: Costs influenced by varied stone types and shapes.

Specialized Skills:

  • Brick Repointing: Requires masonry skills, relatively straightforward.
  • Stone Repointing: Demands specialized expertise due to diverse stones and intricacies.

Understanding these key differences is crucial for choosing the right repointing approach based on your building’s construction.



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