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Full Complete Chimney Restoration


Our team worked on a complete chimney restoration project, with a focus on brick repointing. We began by assessing the condition of the chimney and identifying areas of deteriorated mortar and potential structural concerns. We then removed the old, worn-out mortar from top to bottom, ensuring a clean and stable foundation for the restoration process. This allowed us to detect any hidden issues and set the stage for a seamless and long-lasting restoration.

Next, we replaced the old mortar with high-quality materials that not only enhanced durability but also blended seamlessly with the existing brickwork.

Throughout the meticulous restoration, we prioritized attention to detail, filling each joint evenly and securely to ensure not only a functional outcome but an exquisite one. This project showcased our commitment to excellence in brick repointing, demonstrating the successful revival of a full chimney breast, marrying structural integrity with timeless appeal.


  • Date : January 2024
  • Location : Bingham Nottinghamshire

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