Brick Repointing, Nottingham, Radcliffe On Trent

A garage after being repointing to restore the brick work

Professional Brick Repointing Services

Full Garage and Parts of a Bungalow


Our brick repointing service was utilized for the restoration of both a full garage and a portion of a bungalow, ensuring structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Our skilled craftsmen carefully removed deteriorated or damaged mortar and replaced it with high-quality, matching materials to enhance the durability and appearance of the brickwork.

The process began with a thorough assessment of the existing mortar condition, identifying areas in need of repointing. Our experienced team then systematically removed the old mortar, cleaned the joints, and prepared the surface for new mortar application. We used a precise colour-matching process to ensure that the replacement mortar seamlessly blended with the existing brickwork, maintaining the original charm of the structures.

Our attention to detail extended to the entire repointing process, ensuring that each joint was filled evenly and securely to guarantee long-lasting results. This service not only addressed structural concerns but also enhanced the overall aesthetics of the garage and bungalow.


  • Date : January 2023
  • Location : Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham

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